BBC could replace Queen with Chris Evans


FOLLOWING her Majesty’s unfortunate lingering illness over Christmas, the Great British Public suggest a succession plan.

The Royal family are an invaluable part of British life, loved and cherished by the whole nation and so we asked Daily Squabble readers how best the country could ensure the future of this magnificent royal dynasty.

The most innovative answer came from Gavin Rowlocks who religiously pays his BBC licence fee. “I think the optimum solution would be for the BBC to replace the Queen with Chris Evans,” suggested Mr Rowlocks.

“Chris Evans is the ideal replacement for all National Treasures. Hardly anyone noticed when he seamlessly stepped into the shoes of Terry Wogan – and what about the latest series of BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ ? Absolutely amazing ! Jeremy Who ? I can’t wait for the long promised festive DVD of the highlights. It’s January now so there must be too many to choose from!”

The Daily Squabble pointed out to Mr Rowlocks that it didn’t think this constitutional question was down to the BBC and Chris Evans was technically not a member of the Royal Family.

“Well he would be, wouldn’t he ?” he retorted. “If he were made Queen. Well, if it can’t be him, the next in line has to be Clare Balding.”

When pressed for suggestions on who best could succeed the Duke of Edinburgh Mr Rowlocks replied:

“How about ‘’ ? He’s brilliant.”


Photograph:  White House photo by Eric Draper [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons








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