BBC Launch new spin-off show: ‘Strictly Come Praising’ Stars from 'Holby City' and 'The Saturdays' compete against professional vicars


Strictly Come Praising

GLITTERY launch show will burst onto our screens in a frenzy of candles and incense.

Dudley Petard, Entertainment Consultant, reports that BBC Executives are considering flipping the format of the nation’s favourite dance show, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, in order to give others a chance.

“‘Strictly Come Dancing’ has never been fair,” alleged Dudley.

“This year, there is a poor vicar competing against music stars, who spend their entire professional career singing and dancing.

“He hasn’t got a hope in hell – if you pardon the expression.

To give professional clergy a fighting chance, the new BBC prime-time competition: ‘Strictly Come Praising’ will pit religious people against minor celebrities in a series of ecclesiastical challenges.

“The Reverend Richard Coles, appearing in this year’s dancing show, may have had an earlier musical career but some of ‘The Saturdays’ could have attended Sunday school so the new alternative format will be just as fair.

“It’s a great seasonal show. Just as the advent of ‘X-factor’ heralds time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. ‘Strictly Come Praising’ will require assorted celebrities to deliver dynamic sermons for Harvest Festival, All Saints’ Day and Christmas and perform baptisms, funerals and exorcisms.

“Potential guests for the first series include any one of ‘The Saturdays’ (not currently up the duff), someone from ‘Hollyoaks and / or ‘Emmerdale’, at least a couple from ‘Holby City’, a random comedian, a newsreader, an obscure sportsperson and the Archbishop of York.

“There are a host of potential judges.

“I think they will select from Cliff Richard, Justin Welby, Ann Widdecombe and the Dalai Lama.

“If they can’t book Craig Revel Horwood, they will probably select Richard Dawkins.

“Same attitude.”


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Mitre by Chevron Tango
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