Catalonia: ‘We demand our own football team!’ Wales: “I wouldn’t bother’

Football fans

WELSH World Cup football dreams dashed for 59th year.

Enrique Doubleglasias, Catalonian Separatist, has demanded that Catalonia should be given a wild-card entry into World Cup 2018.

“We’re not confirming whether we have declared independence or not,” said Mr Doubleglasias.

“But, we can unilaterally declare that we love football.”

Miserable Welsh football fan, Barry Brith, doesn’t agree.

“If I were them, I would stick with Barcelona,” he said.

“After 59 years of misery, following Wales’s International football ups and downs – mainly downs, I think it may finally be time to accept ‘Team GB’.

“It’s the only way for Gareth Bale to stand a chance of scraping through to a quarter-final before losing to Germany on penalties.”

Even his initials are ‘GB’.”

“It’s a sign.”

“With 4 separate football associations squabbling with each other like vultures fighting over a dead weasel, Great Britain can’t even co-ordinate a joint team for the Olympics.”

“It’s pathetic.”

“When it comes to the Welsh Football Association, or ‘Welsh FA’ as they like to be called, we have learnt – through long and painful experience – exactly what the ‘FA’ signifies.”









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