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Even those who ‘worked’ over Christmas pretend it’s their first day back!

NO chance of any major work.

“All my colleagues and I did today was to discuss which January trends we would adopt to burn off our festive excesses,” confessed under-worked office worker Gavin Rowlocks.

“I pledged to give up alcohol, grow my underarm hair and try veganism”.

“I fully intend to be a dry, hairy vegan all January.”

“It’s not just January that can often prove unproductive. Most other months are just as bad: February is half-term, March / April: Easter, May: half-term, July / August: school holidays, September: covering for people who don’t have kids; October: half-term. December: Christmas.”

“Basically, it’s only June and November when you can do some work.”

“That’s when I book my holidays.”

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