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Product of the Year !

Sonos Play 5: Wireless speaker


This has changed our lives. Stunning sound from 6 internal speakers. We play Apple Music, Spotify, our new vinyl record player, Itunes and the radio through it. You can control it from an Iphone, kindle, laptop, windows phone – anything that can download the Sonos app. The record player and TV connects into it with a line in cable. It’s the first step towards a fantastic multi-room system. The most genius thing we have discovered is that if you are listening to a record player via a line in – the unit will then broadcast this signal to other Sonos units around the building, like their excellent and inexpensive Play 1 units. A superb piece of kit.

Runner up: Product of the Year.

Audio Technica ATLP120USBC USB Turntable (Black)


We love this turntable in ‘The Daily Squabble’ office. It is direct drive so starts instantly. We connect it to a Sonos 5 via a line in lead and then the Sonos broadcasts our vinyl to other Sonos units throughout the building. You can also connect to a computer with a USB or to a stereo with traditional leads.

It has a built in pre-amp or you can turn this off and use a more expensive pre-amp. You can play music backwards on it like a proper DJ and change the speed. We like to play Adele’s ’25’ backwards on it as we are think we can hear her say ‘Worship the cake, worship the cake’.

Great sound. We all love it. A wonderful piece of kit at a very reasonable price.

Sonos 1

The Sonos 1 is the perfect way to start to experience the amazing sound quality of Sonos sound systems is the Sonos 1. It can either play the same music as other Sonos units in your home or it can stand alone. If you have more than one, you can play different music in different rooms.

‘Mallet’ Mike has one of these in his office. They are also great for small to medium sized rooms such as kitchens.

Amazingly, if you connect a line-in lead to a Sonos 5 from a record player – or other source e.g. CD player – it will broadcast this input to the other Sonos units. So we enjoy vinyl, radio, Spotify, Apple Music and our iTunes library through this speaker.

Can be controlled by any electronic gizmo that can download the Sonos app such as Iphones, Kindles, laptops, Windows phones etc.


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