Other Great Products!

Here are some more of our favourite products that brighten up our day.

Sony DSCR RX100 V Compact Camera


Frustrated for years at the poor quality images produced by most compact cameras, the Daily Squabble photographers usually have to lug around big and heavy DLSR cameras.

Now finally there is a excellent compact camera – capable of brilliant images. We use these for most of the images we take for our site.

It’s incredibly dense for its size, but it is small and very high quality!


Magimix See-Through toaster



Absolutely brilliant . Why aren’t all toasters see-through ? Sure, it’s pricey but this model is really well made with a 3 year guarantee. Makes making toast a pleasure. We turn off all the lights in the kitchen and bask in its retro orange glow – like an electric fire. Love it.



We use this every day to get some fruit and veggies down our necks. ‘Mallet’ Mike is too busy to chew but with a Nutribullet he can drink a healthy smoothie with one hand, while still doctoring photographs with the other. We are impressed by his healthy intentions for the New Year. He’s determined to live long enough to see Brexit.

One of the few inventions we would instantly have to buy again if it failed – but with a 2 year guarantee you don’t have to worry for a while.