To ‘Chris Martin’ a vocal performance is now an Official Musical Term Honour bestowed after George Michael tribute at the 2017 Brits

Chris Martin
Looks like hard work!

AWARD winning singer may have unique style, tone and pitch.

“I thought Chris Martin was an interesting choice to sing a George Michael tribute,” said Dudley Petard, Entertainment consultant.

“George Michael was a very good singer in the traditional style. He believed in keeping in tune and had a perfect technique. He didn’t flip into falsetto at the slightest excuse.”

“Chris Martin tends to demonstrate a more individual approach. During his live performances, he gets through each song but there is something unusual about the vocal – particularly the high notes. I can’t put my finger on it. Is it flat, is it sharp or is it in tune? It’s singing – but not in a conventional way.”

“It’s not like his vocal performances provide you with a concrete reason to march to the box office and demand your money back. They are certainly professional; the songs start and finish when they are meant to. You can hear most of the words – if you want to.”

“Some describe his style as expressive and vulnerable, but I just don’t quite get it.”

“To test his style of singing, I went to my local karaoke club and ‘Chris Martined’ a couple of songs: ‘Yellow’ and ‘Everyglow’.”

“When I looked up from the words – the whole audience was asleep.”

“I think I nailed it.”
Photograph by Christopher Johnson (globalite) on Flickr (“Fuji Rock photos: Coldplay”) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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