Donald Trump may receive intelligence briefing to prove the world is not flat.


NEW COMMANDER in Chief has a higher level of scepticism than all previous presidents.

In New York, the US Director of National Intelligence along with heads of the FBI and CIA are visiting Trump Tower to deliver the President-Elect’s first formal intelligence briefing.

The agenda is obviously top-secret and so The Daily Squabble asked Randy Squirrel, a New York garbage collector, what might be the most hotly contested topics.

“I love Donald Trump,” declared Mr Squirrel. “He doesn’t accept all these libertarian democrat conspiracy theories made up by the Washington elite.

“If I were him, I would want them to start off with why Russians are bad, followed by evidence that the world is round and more than six thousand years old. After lunch, they should prove the theory of gravity – because all Mr Trump’s girlfriends seem to have defied it. Then they can demonstrate how leaving too many lights on can melt all the polar ice-caps and finish with justifying the theory of evolution – good luck with that one.

“Just like Mr Trump, I have flown from New York to Los Angeles and I could see no evidence that the world was not flat – if you don’t count the Rocky Mountains.”

A spokesperson for US Intelligence stated: “We don’t care that Russia is the only country with a credible policy towards Syria. Russians are always bad. Haven’t you seen Rocky IV ?”

Editorial Note (The Daily Squabble): If Russia are indeed guilty of promoting fake and misleading news stories – they should have the book thrown at them. Outrageous !

Photograph by:
Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons




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