Fracking company ‘Cuadrilla’ confirms no connection to earth-shaking monster Godzilla

Godzilla looking for shale gas

FAR less likely to see earthquakes from activities of Godzilla, says the Department of Energy.

A Department of Energy and Climate Change spokesperson, Peregrine Snook, has confirmed there is no comparison between dynamic shale gas exploiters ‘Cuadrilla’ and fantasy monster ‘Godzilla’.

“Sure they both have silly names that rhyme,” said Mr Snook, “but Godzilla has definitely not applied for a licence to extract shale gas in Lancashire.”

“Also, Godzilla is far less likely to trigger earthquakes than an fracking operation seeing that he doesn’t exist.”

“I would also imagine that a giant monster would pose a far greater threat to groundwater sources having swallowed a lot of seawater on the way to the UK from Japan.”

“It’s a silly comparison as Godzilla would probably randomly lay waste to large sections of Lancashire – not that many people would notice the difference.”

“Have you been to Blackpool lately?”


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