Hair-Colour-Selective Abortions should be allowed. ‘What’s wrong with ‘gingercide’?’ British Medical Ethics Expert says

Ginger baby
Wouldn’t match the curtains!

MEDICAL Ethics Expert thinks there should be far more choice

Dr Sally Doolally, from the League of Psychologists, asserts that women should have the right to terminate a pregnancy at any time if the baby would clash with a home’s interior decor.

Dr Doolally said, “Imagine I had decorated my nursery in a soothing eggshell blue and when my foetus was delivered, it turned out to have a shocking mop of red hair.”

“Blue and red would look terrible together. Think of the awful selfies! People would disown me on both Instagram and Facebook.”

“I think it’s outrageous that parents aren’t told their foetus’s hair colour at the mid-term scan at between 18 and 21 weeks. ‘Hair-colour-selective abortions’ are a myth!”

“Hospitals fob women off by telling them the hair on the scan is a fuzzy black and white.”

“It’s her body, her foetus and her interior decor – so a woman should have that information.”

“If a woman does not want a foetus who is one hair colour or another – forcing her to go through with it could damage the whole structure of social media. It could harm her mental health!”

“Imagine, if all women were too embarrassed to continually post pictures of ugly, spotty sprogs with unfortunate hair shades to their long-suffering friends. Modern society would completely break down.”

Dr Doolally, who is a voting member of the British Medical Consultants’ Council, said: “I also want to redefine the word ‘foetus’. I think it should be extended to the period 12 months’ post birth.”

“It’s always been a lot easier to bump people off, no questions asked, while they are foetuses, and babies can trick you by being born bald and then instantly growing red hair just to p**s you off!”

“A woman might easily decide – once the foetus is born – that, actually, they would have preferred a puppy. Something cute like a pug or my stupid miniature dachshund.  Dogs are only a 15-year sentence as opposed to a lifetime.”

“Of course, I also approve of sex-selective abortions: ‘gendercide’. It’s no secret that I generally hate men – and husbands in particular. They all break wind and have unhealthy obsessions with their genitals, football and expensive gadgets. The fewer of them, the better. Maybe they could be ‘foetuses’ until they’re fifty.”

A Pro-Life Spokesperson from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Nuisance Kids (S.P.U.N.K), Brendan Sandals, said, “This is abhorrent and deeply disturbing. Dr Doolally should step down when she values gingers and males in such a way. She sees babies as little more than decorative ornaments to enhance her picture-perfect Instagram home. Babies aren’t colour-coordinated scatter cushions.”

“I have met plenty of ginger kids and some of them weren’t too bad.”

Dr Doolally retorted, “If doctors followed my advice we might not have to listen to ‘Shape of You’ every 5 minutes and a Scottish harridan continually pestering for a second referendum every blessed waking moment.”

“Life would be bliss!”

Brendan Sandals said, “She may actually have a very good point.”


Ginger kid photograph by: No machine-readable author provided. ThunderChildDW assumed (based on copyright claims). [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons








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