Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Here at “The Daily Squabble” we love organic raw Apple Cider Vinegar.

It is reputed to have healing properties and is said to help you to lose weight. We’re not promising you anything but it seems to work for us.

Quite fitting that staff at a satirical magazine should volunteer to drink vinegar! Maybe we should drink cola so we can write some sweet and fluffy articles.

Check out the videos on YouTube if you want to know more.

We drink 1 tablespoon in a couple of inches of water, twice a day.

We recommend this brand:


Vitamin B12

If ‘Mallet’ Mike has 2 cups of coffee in the morning followed by a Vitamin B12 tablet, he says he is ready to write all day.

B12 deficiency is very common and leads to tiredness and lethargy.

These tablets are our favourite as they are tiny, have a very nice fruit flavour and you hold them just under your tongue for a couple of minutes so the vitamin B12 goes straight into your bloodstream.


Read all the usual warnings on the bottle about food supplements etc. and discuss with your doctor if under medical supervision. We are not medically qualified so cannot advise if you will see any benefits or if it will suit you.