Brighter day – by and large – in Britain !

Soft Brexit Rainbow!

BRITISH public up to their normal entertaining tricks.

After voting for Tokio Myers on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, the Great British public have once again got it right by voting for the most entertaining form of parliament – a hung one.

Sally Doolally, from the League of Psychologists, said: “We, here in Britain, have decided that ‘The News’ is the most interesting comedy show on television and thanks to democracy, we can all play our part in making it even more entertaining.”

“It’s fully interactive!”

“But, cunningly, with this tactical vote we probably keep the Tory inheritance tax advantages while being protected from the full nuttiness of a Labour administration.”

“So, in summary, we are all still selfish and greedy but love the NHS.”

“Most of all, we love great television! This is so exciting – in a grim way!”

“Alex Salmond and Nick Clegg got booted out. Wonderful!

“If only Amber Rudd had joined them!”

“In this stunning result, the public have given a bloody nose to the government that will trigger the eventual resignation of the Prime Minister.”

“This ensures weeks of thrilling television and an extensive range of new pastel-coloured jackets for Laura Kuenssberg.”


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