Man only uses new 65″ Smart 4K Ultra HD QLED TV to watch ‘Dad’s Army’

WONDERING what it would sound like on a Sonos system

52-year-old Gavin Rowlocks intends to religiously watch every black and white episode of ‘Dad’s Army’ on his gigantic high definition TV snapped up in the Boxing Day sales.

“Of course most people would say I am meant to be watching some crap Marvel film or ‘The Greatest Showman‘, said Mr Rowlocks, ‘but they shouldn’t panic, because when it comes to a TV this large they would’t like it up them.”

“I think I will buy a couple more Sonos speakers to link up with my Playbar and then I might be able to hear Captain Mainwaring snarl ‘Stupid boy’ in Dolby surround sound.”

“There is no reason why high-tech can’t be used to enhance a classic experience.”

“I would offer you a cup of coffee but I wrecked my Nespresso machine trying to stuff a teabag into it.”

Photograph by ‘The Daily Squabble’


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