Lord Tebbit Reveals his Least Favourite Bands! Hates 'Berlin', 'Europe' and especially 'Foreigner'.

Mentioned in the House of Lords

MARGARET Thatcher’s ageing ‘Attack Dog’, Lord Tebbit, has listed his least favourite bands in a rambling House of Lords speech.

His rant drew loud gasps of horror from other peers.

“I am going to write to Radio 2 to demand these bands are deleted from their play-list,” mumbled Lord Tebbit. “Somehow or other, today, we seem to be thinking of nothing but the rights of ‘Foreigner’.”

“‘Foreigner’ may well ‘Want to know what love is’ but they are not going to find out around here – especially after we trigger Article 50”.

“We should be concerned for the rights of nice British bands such as ‘Portishead’ and ‘London Grammar’ to tour peacefully in other parts of Europe.”

“I fantasise about other bands falling over themselves to trade music with the UK in the future. Bands such as ‘America’, ‘Asia’, ‘Chicago’, ‘Boston’ or ‘Japan’.”

Lord Tebbit’s cleaner, Bogdana Ratajkowski said: “I am not really convinced that Lord Tebbit hates ‘Foreigner’. I have seen the playlists on his laptop. He has all their songs!”

“Their hits seem to be written specifically for him: ‘Heart turns to stone’, ‘Long, long way from home,’ ‘Stranger in my own house’, ‘Break it up’ and ‘I’ll get even with you!’.”

When confronted with this information, Lord Tebbit said:

“I admit that I do like singing along to ‘Back where you belong’.”


Photograph by: Virginia State Parks staff (PO – Foreigner  Uploaded by AlbertHerring) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons