Trump: ‘I will build the wall’. Shares in Mexican tunnelling companies soar!


CHAMPAGNE cracked open at Mexican tunnelling companies. Ladder sales boom!

The Daily Squabble asked Mexican tunnelling entrepreneur, Carlos Badgeros, what President Trump’s wall-building announcement meant to him.

“He’s one loco gringo,” said Mr Badgeros, whose office is located suspiciously near the US border. “He reminds me of my crazy neighbour. He tried to trap a mole, that had emerged on his lawn, with an upturned bucket. The fool still can’t work out how it had disappeared by the time he came back.”

“A ‘friend’ has told me that thousands of Mexican immigrants enter the US through beautifully constructed and very reasonably priced tunnels. So, all you might hear, if you press your ear against ‘Trump’s wall’, is the muffled sound of laughter.”

“Even more of my compatriots fly into the States, so the wall will be a really useful landmark passing under them to signify when it’s safe to land. Can they put some flashing lights on top of it – that would be handy?”

US citizen, Enrique Doubleglasias, said: “I think we should stop them all coming. President Trump has got it right. Sure, my father was technically an illegal immigrant but as soon as he was able to buy a summer-house, swimming pool, a sports-car for the weekend and a helicopter, he then made himself legal as soon as he could. This new lot are all different!”

A Canadian Ambassador pleaded: “Can we have one too, please?”


Photograph by Nofx221984 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons




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