Wonder Woman Defeats Global Terror Threat Before Cleaning Entire House Superman sits on fat arse flicking through TV channels!

Wonder woman and Superman
Is dinner ready yet?

MULTI-TASKING superhero saves the world but still has to rush around Lidl

Wonder Woman is not impressed by the level of support she receives from other members of the Justice League when it comes to domestic tasks.

“They don’t lift a finger around the secret cave,” complained Wonder Woman.

“Batman doesn’t even flush the toilet after he has been. He only admitted to it after I interrogated him with my lasso of truth.”

“He said he missed his butler, Alfred, flushing and wiping for him. Spoilt little rich kid.”

“Superman just dumps his washing on the floor.”

“His stupid Lycra costumes don’t even have washing instructions on them. I put them on at 60 degrees because they smelt rank and got it in the neck for shrinking them!”

“Maybe if he put down the Hobnobs and got up off the sofa to help me defeat some evil, his costumes wouldn’t be so tight!”

Superman retorted: “I need a good sit down. I just covered a whole year of her maternity leave.”

“It still hasn’t finished.  I had to spend last Monday fighting Doctor Light as she had booked a ‘bank holiday in lieu’ to cover last Christmas Day – just in case she didn’t enjoy actual Christmas Day enough!”

“Christmas? As daughter of Zeus, she doesn’t even believe in Christmas.”

Wonder Woman said: “Let’s see him squeeze the grandson of Zeus out through his nether regions and see how much maternity leave he wants to take!”


Photograph by https://pixabay.com/en/wonder-woman-superman-superhero-552109/